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Are you helping out with the 1 Million Views for Dreamer goal? Yes? Awesome! No? Well, you totally should! If ya didn’t know, the Storia fandom is banding together to help get History’s Dreamer MV to 1 million views. Why, you ask? Well here’s a little background:

Dreamer came out in April 2013! If you know any Storia, this song/MV is pretty high on our favorite eras list to date. We still cry/yell/get angry/overly emotional about this song all the time. Mostly all their other MVs have a million + views and we’re basically just tired and saddened that Dreamer didn’t get the love it deserves. WE WON’T LET THIS STAND! Even if it has been a year, we’re using Dreamer to promote our History love to people who may still not know about these really weird and lovable guys. 

If you’d like to help out or just check out what I’m talking about, here’s a playlist with History’s Dreamer to make it a little easier. If you’re using the playlist to increase views please remember to clear your cache/cookies every few plays, watch the video all the way through without pausing and don’t mute the player, as that may make the view not count!  :o)


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